Update January 2022

A massive thank you to all those who joined our events in 2021. Our two fundraising events were very successful and filled the gap in donations from other sources. Special thanks to our regular monthly donors – these make planning and committing funds much easier.

We raised over £2500 in total from the Sounds Familiar online music quiz in April and the Live Music Night in Lamberhurst in November!

This enabled us to:

  • continue funding Fadhila in Njombe School for the deaf and Apendae at Lindi Secondary
  • send Shafii to Dar es Salaam on work experience at the Serena Hotel as an air-conditioning trainee
  • repair and replace the roof of Mariamu’s dwelling which had been destroyed in a local storm
  • send Mariam to Dar es Salaam to start an internship with a hairdressing and beauty salon
  • pay for national health insurance for all the children – this entitles them to treatment and prescriptions for a relatively low cost
  • pay the annual allowances for the street librarians
  • buy 400 more books for the street libraries and we plan to open more when we are able to visit Tanzania again
  • contribute to the costs of eye treatment and travel for the Mtandi blind unit children

We continue to hold funds so that we can respond to other needs during 2022. In addition you can see on the Charity Commission website that we hold restricted funds. These are held to fund growing costs of secondary education as the children grow older. Individual sponsors and their families pay this money annually. If you would like to contribute to this important aspect of Friends of Lindi this can be done through the website donation page:



All best wishes for 2022

Trustees of Friends of Lindi

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