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After living and working in Lindi, South East Tanzania with VSO for 3 years Steve and Sue Scorer could not leave without continuing the help they had started to give to local people in need. Initially this was in the form of sponsoring two local children to attend the only English Medium Primary School in the town. With the help of friends and family this number has now grown to six. Other projects have followed as funds have been raised.

As a registered charity we operate very efficiently, your donation will make a difference to children in Lindi. We are driven and supported by volunteers and we pride ourselves on having personal contact with all those we assist.


Support us to alleviate poverty and hardship in Lindi. With your help we can break the cycle of deprivation faced by families through providing a quality education to the children.

The Friends of Lindi are small enough to know every person we support, but with your help we'll be big enough to make a huge difference to a generation.

Please give what you can:

  • £7 could buy one pair of school shoes or a school bag
  • £8 could buy a pressure cooker to save money on fuel
  • £10 could buy a set of exercise books
  • £20 set of text books to enable home study
  • £75 could buys a play parachute for PE
  • £20 could buy 180 reading books for a street library

We manage our donations using People's Fundraising as they offer lower fees than other donation hosts, so more of your money will go towards helping children in Lindi.

Raise funds whilst shopping

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