While in Lindi our neighbours children were very keen to read story books in Kiswahili. They were being taught to read and write in primary school but there are no books to read and enjoy. Our yard would not be available after the VSO project ended and we left so something had to be done. As detailed in the VSO report below we decided to set up a Street Library. This was funded by a small grant from the Tanzanian Development Trust.



Since returning we have raised more funds and during our visit in January/February 2018 a new library was set up in the rural village of Chikonji. We had the help from a local secondary school teacher Mr Yusufu who identified a library custodian Madam Kuluthumu Saidi. We look forward to seeing the progress for local children and plan to add books next year. In addition a new street library will be set up in another rural village. The more we can raise the more libraries we will install.

As well as books we also give board games such as draughts, snakes and ladders, Ludo and will try chess too next year. These games sound simple but are such a diversion from day to day life for these young children.

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Volunteers Street Library