About Us

Friends of Lindi is a UK based charity which gained Charity Commission status in January 2018 (Registered Charity No.1176494). Set up initially to finance sponsorship of children to a new English Medium Primary school in Lindi, South East Tanzania, we have now started funding other projects to help alleviate poverty and to enhance the lives of children and people in need.

To date we have:

  • Assisted financially and pedagogically the establishment of the only English Medium school in Lindi
  • Sponsored six children to attend Joy School, Lindi, four of whom are now boarding in Dar es Salaam and Mtwara
  • Financed one girl at the only specialist secondary school for the deaf
  • Paid for vocational training places with the aim of securing future employment for young people
  • Assisted children with school equipment and uniforms where needed
  • Set up and supported 5 "street libraries" in Lindi town and rural villages to encourage reading for pleasure
  • Assisted women and mothers with small business start ups
  • Purchased sports equipment for schools which raises opportunities for girls to break out of traditional roles

Our Mission

  • To alleviate poverty and hardship by providing the best quality education we can afford to break the cycle of deprivation and lack of opportunities, particularly for girls and women.
  • To enable individuals to provide for themselves and their families in small enterprises.
  • Give young learners access to reading books outside of school at no cost or restriction

Our Vision

  • To use the means available to us to end the cycle of poverty - poor education – child exploitation - unemployment – poverty.
  • To leave a core of well trained local Lindi residents who can take forward our dreams to create a more equal society through small scale projects and actions
  • Good education is a real challenge in Tanzania unless you can afford an English Medium school. Being able to speak and understand English is a key factor for success in secondary school and in any higher level of employment. We aim to help a limited number of young people in challenging and often unfair circumstances to "beat the system". Given the opportunity these youngsters will perform as well, if not better, than their more privileged neighbours. After just 4 years this is proving to be the case.

Ramson Lucas and Happiness Upina

These two people have the wellbeing of their people in their hearts. We are lucky to have them on the ground in Lindi, especially during the past 2 years when we have not been able to travel to Tanzania. Happiness is pictured here with her daughter Debora at her graduation. She looks after the children, making frequent visits to schools to check on their welfare and progress. She sends letters to us via WhatsApp from the children.

Ramson works for a Danish NGO and Lindi Sports Development Aid on children’s rights and girl’s empowerment in primary schools through sport. He is our main local “fixer”.