Sponsor children in English Medium Education

The core project for Friends of Lindi is to ensure that we have enough sponsorship to see our 7 children through the best education that we can afford. Any additional donations for sponsorship will go into a fund to supplement the individual sponsors. The aim is to educate these children to their potential. This will enable them to gain employment and in turn educate their own families. We really need to build up a fund for these children to see them through their education. You may be interested in co-sponsoring one of these children. The current annual cost including fees, uniform, textbooks, summer break tuition, transport and daytime food is £500. A contribution of any amount to some of this would be very welcome. You will receive regular updates and communication from the students as their level of English progresses. Be part of our experiment to prove that wealth is not a pre-requisite to success in education. If you are able to help please use our donation form on the menu.

Education is the key to development. One major hurdle the vast majority of children face in Tanzania is that they are taught in Kiswahili in Primary school and then switch to learning in English at secondary level. Imagine studying for your GCSEs in French or German! The middle classes of course send their children to private English Medium primary schools.

Our children….

How English-medium education is hobbling Tanzania’s children

We started by sponsoring 3 pre-school neighbours’ children with the help of friends and family. This number has risen to 6 plus one scholarship at Joy School, Lindi. Their success so far proves that it is opportunity not ability that holds back poorer families and their children.

Friends of Lindi has supported the only English Medium primary school in Lindi – Joy School. Our children attend the school and generous donations have helped with some construction, books, sports equipment and training as well as computers. See the Facebook page Friends of Joy School for more information on the school.

Juliasi and Hidaya 9 years old and in Grade 3