Shafii – a new opportunity to help

Vocational Training – a new sponsorship venture. Short term and more sustainable

Shafii was one of our neighbours in Lindi. A bright eyed, positive boy who was moving through the govmt school system. As time progressed he had to leave his family and fend for himself while still at secondary school. We returned to Lindi in January 2020 to find him very dispirited. He had joined the 64% of secondary school graduates with a low exam score which left him with very few future options without some financial backing. A few phone calls to friends resulted in him signing up to a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course at VETA, a vocational education centre in Lindi that had been equipped by BG (as it was). He is now at the end of Year 1 and about to go on a work placement. Shafii’s whole outlook has changed and he is now very positive about his future prospects. He also learned to drive last year at VETA.

To pay for his food he runs a little video games club in his one room home. A couple of old PS2s and a monitor along with Shafii’s determination allow him to live.