Join other organisations to enhance the lives of Tanzanians living in poverty

We are committed to working with other organisations with similar goals to Friends of Lindi. The Tanzania Development Trust  has already supported one street library in Lindi and this has helped dozens of children to practise their reading with interesting story books.

In Lindi our friends at Sports Development Aid  have helped us train teachers at Joy Schoolto deliver better quality and more varied sports activities to the children. They have also used sport as a means to deliver messages to communities regarding some harmful cultural practices.

Mtandi Blind Unit in Masasi

We came across these children via a friend who runs another charity from the UK. Most of them are Albino and they all suffer from varying degrees of sight loss.
He asked us to go and report back to him on the state of the unit. We found that there were many needs, such as no stimulation and appalling conditions. Despite all this the children raise a smile and play together outside.
Many of these children could have their sight restored in the UK for very little cost. Together with Friends of Masasi (where the unit is based) we have helped children get their sight problems assessed.
At last there are now four children ready to travel 600 km to Dar es Salaam for an operation. It will be a happy day to meet them again if they are able to see. This is life changing!