Assist and support Juso Open School, Lindi

While we were in Lindi Sue Scorer volunteered as an English language teacher at Juso. She taught a small group of students who had left mainstream schooling. This can be for a variety of reasons, mostly through no fault of their own. Some were orphans, some had failed in a harsh state school environment and were not allowed to continue. Many girls are expelled from school permanently if they are made pregnant.

Juso Open School in Lindi is a non profit school that gives opportunities to those who have left (or who have been forced to leave) education and who want to gain qualifications to better themselves. It has been operating for a number of years and uses student teachers to deliver tuition at low cost. Those who can pay do and those who do not have any parental backing are welcomed where possible. The ethos of the school is very much in line with Friends of Lindi. Juso considers individual needs of students and the Director, Mr Juma works hard and with care to help his students. The centre has many needs – textbooks, general materials, updating furniture and maintenance. Friends of Lindi have so far donated a set of dictionaries, two Chrome tablets, a data projector and blackout material for clasrooms.