Advise and assist Joy School, Lindi

Joy School is the only English Medium Primary school in Lindi. It is a private school owned by Alice Kituku. Our sponsored children have been attending the school from pre-school and our oldest girl, Karishma, is now in Grade 5. Primary education currently finishes after Grade 7.

Right to be loved from Philipp Bornschlegl on Vimeo.

See our Facebook page Friends of Joy School for more information on our work with the school. The aim is to create a centre of excellence in the southern region of Tanzania.

Great strides forward have been taken by the school and teachers. We have tried to move to a system of education by rewards rather than punishment. The Head Teacher Mr Said Nassoor has been making good progress to eliminate corporal punishment by teachers. This is the scourge of education and society in Tanzania.

Donations have helped  with buildings, provided hundreds of reading books and sports training and equipment. Training seminars for staff have also been funded.