Advise and assist Joy School, Lindi

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Joy School is the only English Medium Primary school in Lindi. When we were looking for a school for our sponsored children it was the obvious choice. It is a private school owned by Alice Kituku which she dreamed of expanding into a full pre-school and Primary school. We were privileged to be able to help with some aspects of the building on a new site just outside Lindi. Funds were raised for windows, doors, floor screeding as well as a laptop for Madam Alice and hundreds of English language reading books for the library. As time went on new sports equipment was added through donations including goal posts and netball rings.

As an ex-music teacher, Susan became involved by introducing music making in Joy School. A donation of a set of recorders enabled pupils to learn beginners tunes and they enjoyed performing at graduation day. One of the teachers, Teacher Daniel, has taken on the task of running the music club since we left in 2017.

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Another production was Right to be Loved, used with the permission of Song Academy in the UK. This is a great song and the lyrics are so poignant given the absence of child rights in much of Tanzania. Our friend Phip Bornschlegl, a german paediatrician working in Lindi for GIZ, also happened to be a budding filmmaker. He combined his photographic skills with the musical skills of Susan and the children to produce the video below.

Right to be loved from Philipp Bornschlegl on Vimeo.

Great strides forward have been taken by the school and teachers. We tried to encourage teachers to adopt a system of education through rewards rather than punishment.  Violence against children is the scourge of education and society in Tanzania.

Joy School is now a thriving Pre and primary school in Lindi. The dream of Madam Alice has been realised although work still  needs to be done to raise levels of teaching and to widen the curriculum.

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Our sponsored children attended the school from pre-school onwards. Circumstances changed and four children, 3 girls and 1 boy have moved to be boarders at other English Medium schools.

3 girls are boarding at St Mary’s International School, Tabata in Dar es Salaam. And Julias has just moved to King David’s Primary near Mtwara. This enables them to study more effectively as they do not have to undertake household chores which are duties for the girl child in most homes in Tanzania.